Saturday, October 21, 2017


Roughly four years ago I started Cannabis Public Media with a Corporation for Public Broadcasting grant; and now as I report from the Nevada Legislature following the passage of the Regulation and Taxation of Marijuana Act, I am compelled to report on the raft of other issues emergent in the context of changing federal regulatory and law enforcement priorities, so I will continue to write about the many and complex issues regarding legal marijuana for Cannabis Public Media, and in the pages of the Nevada Green Times, I will work to report on the many issues that may fall under the following core areas of interest …


Social, environmental and economic justice
Ecological awareness
Corporate crime/welfare
Gender equity
Grassroots democracy

The Nevada Green Times is an exclusively electronic publication optimized to function on phones, tablets and desktop computers.  The curated calendar is also an expression of the core areas of interest above, and I encourage you to add your relevant event to the Green Calendar.  News and other content is published on an ongoing basis, and if you are interested in somehow contributing to these pages, drop me a line through the contact page

thank you,
Brian Bahouth